Bass Processor w/Pamametric EQ

The bassFREQ is a total solution low frequency bass processor, featuring a fully adjustable subsonic filter, parametric equalizer and a 24dB per/ Octave low pass crossover. The bassFREQ has RCA inputs but also includes the same class leading LOC as our link series products. Dimensions: 1.1”x3.5”x5.3” / 29x90x134mm

Features & Benefits
-Bass Enhancement Processor
-Fully Adjustable Parametric EQ
-Variable Subsonic Filter (-24dB/Oct.)
-Variable Low Pass Filter (-24dB/Oct.)
-Remote Level Control
-Line Output Converter or Line Driver
-Low Impedance Dual Mono Drive Outputs
-Differential Balanced Inputs
-Variable Gain with Clip LED
-Auto Turn-On via DC-Offset or Audio
-Generated +12V Remote Output
-OEM Load Detect Compatible
-Selectable Ground Isolation
-Locking Detachable Pwr/Spk Terminals
-Panel Mount RCA Jacks
-Compact Aluminium Chassis
-Detachable Mounting Tabs

Bass Processor w/Pamametric EQ

Bass Processor / LOC / Line Driver Parametric EQ Ÿ 24dB/Oct Crossover Ÿ Remote Level Control
Bass Processor w/Pamametric EQ
Mer information: bassFREQ OM-min